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ImaginationOverflow Universal File Association plugin enables your Unity apps and games to be configured as the default file handler (e.g .xpto, .pdf) on iOS, Android, Windows 10 (UWP), Standalone (Linux, Mac, and Windows) and tvOS.

Registering your app/game as the default file handler means that every time one of your users tries to open a registered file type, your app/game will be activated in order to process the file.

Each platform has its own way of registering file types, some use mime-types, others plain old file extensions, Universal File Association handles all the configurations, you just need to configure which extensions you wish to register.

Getting Started

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  • Configuring the Plugin
  • Testing

Steam Integration

  • Configuring the Plugin
  • Mac integration details

Inside the Plugin

  • Overview
  • Details on all supported platforms